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Welcome to The Woodlands @ Dawn, the home page of Dawn Bushong (formerly Dawn Emord). If you have never heard of me, then you might want to find out more in the About Dawn section. The Pets section will let you see the menangerie with which we live: our two beautiful cats and our two lively puppy-dogs.

The Gallery section show-cases some of my artwork, created both on and off the computer. Web Widgets features some handy utilities I have created in JavaScript and Perl. Not nearly as extensive as my husband Dave's collection, but I like to think they are at least somewhat useful. For more offsite links than you could ever possibly be interested in, visit the Links section.

Finally, if you have any questions, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you. (And besides, my web form needs exercise now and then. =)

What's New with Dawn

July 11, 2006: Brian in the Bay Area

Well, I just found out today that Brian officially accepted a job at AvantGo and will be moving up to the bay area at the end of the month! This is such good news! I'm really looking forward to having family in the area with us.

July 8, 2006: Nor-Cal Keeshond Club Workshop

Well, I found out yesterday that my Rally Novice II class was canceled due to lack of enrollment. This sounds bad, but I actually think it will be kinda nice because there are two additional workshops I now can go to that I couldn't before (since they were on Saturdays). The first of these workshops was today, so I had to enter day-of, which I had never done before (but really wasn't that complicated). Unfortunately, I had to go alone since Dave had to work (some release or something), but there were a bunch of mixed breed club members there, so that was nice.

I entered Penny in Pre-Novice, but we ended up doing a regular Novice routine (although I just had her drag her leash instead of taking it off). She did really well, but needed a little help on this one particular about turn that faced an adjoining Open ring. For some reason, she got really distracted by what was going on over there. But other than that, she did all the exercises with only cookies at the end, not in the middle. Her stand was rock solid and she came in like a bullet on the recall (she do love that tuggy). On the sits & downs, she held her position, although she flopped back onto her hip about half way through the sit. We'll have to work on that.

Pablo was entered in Utilty, trying again for that third leg. Unfortunately, we didn't make it. We started out really well, though. Both signals and articles were passing, although his heeling left much to be desired. On the gloves, he got #2 instead of #3. Argh! So close. Moving stand was fine, as usual. Go-outs were great - nice and straight to the pole. But then that fly-by problem reared its ugly head - on both jumps this time. I guess it was just too hot out, and he probably didn't realize that I had them use the veterans height, which is only 3/4 of his normal jump height of 24".

June 16, 2006: New Articles!

My new articles from Max 200 arrived today! I like how they have a much thicker bit than the old ones (and how it's also round and not hexagonal). I got white leather bits in the hope that they would stand out against the grass better, so Pablo would have an easier time finding the "pile" (the group of all the articles). I also like how the leather is wrapped around the bit in a spiral, so there are no real seams at all. I can't wait until they are aired out so I can start using them! (They are quite stinky right now - very strong leather smell.)

June 9, 2006: Brian's Interview

Well, it sounds like Brian's interview at AvantGo went well yesterday. We were going to fix skillet lasagne (mmmm!) for dinner last night, but ended up getting sushi with Debbie and Chris, which was also nice. I dropped Brian back off at the airport this afternoon, but not before we had a nice burger lunch at Val's. Hopefully we'll hear back soon from the interviewers!

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