Web Widgets

These are some of the handy little utilities I have written in JavaScript or Perl. Obviously, you will need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser to see the JavaScript widgets. If you don't know whether or not you have JavaScript enabled, click this link to test. If you saw a little window appear, then you should be able to see the JavaScript widgets.


Form Poster
Use the Document Object Model (DOM) to create a form on the fly and post it's contents to the appropriate location.
Pop-Up Calendar
Monthly calendar designed to pop up in a small window. Prints the date in a form field on the original page.
Pre-Loading Image Rollovers
Avoid delays when users mouse over your images by preloading them.
Form Validation
Make sure all your form fields are filled out properly with this generic script.
Scrolling Images
Horizontally scrolling images, with indicator for total number of images in the collection.
Image Swap From Drop-Down Menu
Make a different image appear depending on your selection in a drop-down menu.
Random Image Picker
Selects a random image to display when the page loads up.
Sunrise/Sunset Time Calculator
Given a date, longitude, and latitude, provides the sunrise, sunset, and civil twilight times.