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Web Pages Made for Courses at UC Berkeley

CS 184 - Computer Graphics
This was our (myself and David's) page for our team projects for this class, including the final project. Our final project was a rendered movie, using Pixar's Renderman, of a hearty fire in a fire in a fireplace with a steaming cup of tea in the foreground. I did most of the work on this, especially the models, as David was swamped with his CS 164 (Compilers) final project. I highly recommend the movie of the rotating fireplace tools, since I spent a lot of time on them.
CS 169 - Software Engineering
The XCraft home page. This is the WarCraft II clone we wrote as our software engineering project. (WarCraft II is a real-time strategy game written for Windows and the Mac.) I designed the pages and created all the graphics for this one (except for the logo, which is Geordan's).
IDS 100 - History of American Technology
This is the page for our (again, David and myself) final project. Our final project could either be in the form of a standard paper, or a web page. We chose the latter, since then we could work on it together, instead of having to do two individual reports. For our topic, we settled on the first transcontinental railroad, focusing on the Irish and Chinese workers of the Central Pacific company.

Courses I took at UC Berkeley

Fall 1994
Chem 1A
Math 1A
CS 61A
Spring 1995
Phys 7A
Math 1B
CS 61B
Classics 28
Fall 1995
Phys 7B
Math 54
Engin 45
Art 8
Spring 1996
Phys 7C
Math 53
CS 61C
Engin 28
Art 12
Summer 1996
Math 55
Fall 1996
CS 170
Engin 190
Music 26
Spring 1997
CS 184
EE 120
Psych 2
Art 13
Fall 1997
CS 150
EE 125
Psych 120B
Spring 1998
CS 169
EE 122
IDS 100