Web Projects

These are past projects that I have worked on for my previous employer and on my own time. More recently, I have also worked on a number of projects as an independent consultant, which can be viewed on my consulting website, Floating Sheep Studios. For more information about specific skills and work experience, please visit my resume.

If you would like to view more and different kinds of work I've done, you can visit the rest of my site. Some small web applications I've written can be viewd in the web widgets section of my website. I've also created several Flash movies for fun. Visit the gallery area of my site for more artwork in a variety of media.

Past Work Projects

These are many of the projects I worked on while I was employed by Euphorion (formerly DataMain), an e-business solutions provider. Each link connects to a blurb that describes the project and my part in it. There may also be additional screenshots and possibly a demo.

Online retail of outdoor clothing & equipment

Web Version 2.0
Web Version 2.0
Web Version 3.0
Web Version 3.0
Japan Site
Japan Site
Euphorion (formerly DataMain)
The company I worked for - e-business solutions provider

Web Version 2.0
Web Version 2.0
Web Version 3.0
Web Version 3.0
Web Version 4.0
Web Version 4.0

Bujin Design

Bujin Design
Online retail of martial arts equipment

Client Extranet
Client Extranet
Euphorion Logo
Euphorion Logo

PlanetProject PlanetProject
Global online survey site: 15 different polls each in 8 different languages - and all the results
BIWire BIWire
"Business Information Wire" - Information & resources about OLAP

Skillzilla Skillzilla
Internal skill/project matching site for the Catenas Network
BroadBand Village BroadBand Village
Subscription portal for the broadband & telecommunications industry

Accendi Accendi
Demo e-business portal showcasing search and data aggregation
InterBizNet InterBizNet
News & information for the recruiting industry

DMC Stratex Networks DMC Stratex Networks
Wireless network provider
Altimum Altimum
Online document printing

E-Blox Wine Demo E-Blox Wine Demo
Demo of automatically building a basic java application from a DTD
Synopsys Online Survey Site Synopsys Online Survey Site
Survey to understand the EDA industry market

WeddingChannel.com WeddingChannel.com
Online wedding planning & information
TalentAlliance TalentAlliance
Online career information, & job recruitment/search for member companies' employees

LeadersOnline LeadersOnline
Executive recruiting/job search site
iRenew iRenew
Elective medical procedures site

Personal Projects

These are projects I've done on my own time and are not related to projects I've done for work or while consulting.

Dawn Bushong's Website - Version 3.0 Dawn Bushong's Website - Version 3.0
My personal website's last incarnation
David Bushong's Website David Bushong's Website
A new look and organization for David's site

Dawn Bushong's Website - Version 2.0 Dawn Bushong's Website - Version 2.0
An older version of my personal website
Bushong.net Bushong.net
Facelift for the front page of our main site